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Coaching Team

Karl Sutton, Head Coach

Karl Sutton

Head Coach

I am an LTA accredited+ coach with First Aid qualification.

I started coaching in Lincolnshire at various clubs in 2005 before starting the coaching program at Horncastle in 2007. I aim to create a fun environment where people can enjoy their tennis and improve their game. 

Jessica Nugent, Coach

Jessica Nugent

Level 3 Coach

Louis Croves

Level 2 Assistant Coach

I joined Horncastle's Coaching team in 2014, shortly after completing my level 2 leadership at school. This soon became my passion as I enjoyed helping the players improve their tennis. I then went onto completing my level 1 coaching course in 2017 and the level 2 in 2019. I have also obtained an up to date first aid.

Louis Croves, Coach Assistant

I am an LTA accredited coach with up to date First Aid qualifications. I joined the coaching team at Horncastle  in 2017 after being coached here as a Junior player.  I enjoy the challenge of starting up new groups, coaching  a wide age range of players and creating a  welcoming environment where anyone can give tennis a try.

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