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Junior Coaching

The Time4Tennis coaching team run a variety of group sessions for all ages and abilities of juniors.  Fees are payable for these sessions.
Usually the best place for juniors to start is the Saturday morning groups.  Age 4-10 at 10am and 11-16 at 11am.  A variety of small groups work within these sessions, all run by one of our team of qualified coaches, ensuring the children get lots of attention and a great introduction to tennis. Agility, balance and coordination skills needed for all sports are integrated into the sessions and the sound basic techniques of tennis are taught.


Some children are then invited to attend further midweek groups specifically for children who enjoy competing.  Selection for these groups takes into account ability and commitment to a competition and training programme. 
Please contact us if you require any further information.  

Call Karl on    07876468840

Ready to start playing?

Horncastle and District Tennis Club,

Courtside Clubhouse,

Coronation Walk,




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